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Stealer - Recyling Rock since 1976!

The original Stealer line up in 1976 was Gary Taylor, Barry Rodgers, Andy Wilson & Bob O'Brien. Before that, Gary, Barry and a chap named Graham Dunn were in a band called 'Old Bob and Abbott', when Graham moved away, Andy joined the boys. Once Bob joined the four-piece was complete and they embarked on a long history of pub gigs.

Sometime in the early 80's, a Spinal Tap-esq mix up with a booking for a miltary ball led to Bob's departure, and after extensive auditions, Scott White joined as lead guitarist & BV's.

Unfortunatly, the 80's were as unkind to Stealer as they were to the rest of Rock Music (Think of those Bon Jovi videos, and the amount of lycra about.)
The boys dis-banded, and a hiatus of nearly 25 years ensued! Fastforward to 2005, and O'Neils in Brentwood saw the histroic reunion of Stealer, with Bob back on lead guitar. Those that remember the night claim it was a classic, those that don't certainly enjoyed themselves (the pub even ran out of beer!), and later in 2005 the band played at Brentwood Cricket Club. Gary dragged his new boss to the Cricket Club gig to provide the PA and mix the band, the first time they would meet a future new member...

Over the following months the band played Brentwood Beer Festival, and a handful of local venues, soon after Gary took a short break to be replaced by Simon.

In 2008 Simon and Bob went off to pursure other projects, and Gary came back dragging with him James to fill in on lead guitar duties. The band instantly gelled and after an extensive rehearsal schedule, the new line-up played their first gig together at the Box Club in July 2009. Since then they have played the box club a few times and various other gigs around Chelmsford and Maldon.

The pictures from old...
Management 1977

1979: A busy year:
Rockin' '79 Gazette Burns Unit Letter Burns Unit Letter The Towngate Theatre The Towngate Theatre The Towngate Theatre Keys HAll

Mug Shots:

Others - too drunk
Unknown gig Unknown gig Rock D I S C O The boys having a beer