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Did you know?

What is interesting is that Andy (Crusher) Wilsons dad Tommy, scored the winning goal in the 1959 FA Cup Final.

Watch it here:
1959 FA Cup Final


I remember when I met them...

It was Gary's doing, he kept on asking me to come and do he PA for his band, and in the end I agreed. I've always been a massive fan of 70's Rock, and the band I was in when I was young was of the classic twin lead guitar format, playing a mix of covers and original stuff. Being a sound engineer, I've worked with a whole range of bands, pro and am, so when I saw Stealer the first time it was nice to be impressed by someone doing something I personally would like to do!
The gig was at the Cricket Club in Brentwood, and we took far too much PA as usual, but I think the boys most enjoyed the fact that I sent up the mixer next to them on stage and sat out front with my little tablet PC mixing it form next to the bar - pint in hand!
In fact I had too many pints in the end and had to grab a lift back to Maldon, and then another lift on the Sunday morning to get the van!
Little did I know then that I'd end up playing in that very band...